Carpet is a well-sought flooring option because it gives a warm feel to a home and it feels soft and good underfoot. Moreover, this flooring type is a great option for those who suffer from allergies because carpet fibers can hold on to allergens, which can minimize the number the dust in the air. Although, stained and dirty carpeting won’t help in enhancing your homes look, nor it will get your security deposit returned and won’t affect your home’s resale value. Because of this, it’s really reasonable to learn how to properly clean your carpet. Keep on reading to learn more: 


How frequently must you clean your carpets? 

In terms of regular carpet maintenance, you need to clean busy areas of your home at least once or twice per week, provided that you currently live in a high-traffic home. For spots with less use, cleaning your carpet every other week would be enough.  

Carpet cleaning tips 

To clean your carpets, you will basically need 2 things, a baking soda, and a vacuum. Get a basking soda and sprinkle it lightly on your carpet before vacuuming it. This is to help any unwanted and strong odors to get neutralized. Moreover, address any stains or spills right away to avoid them from dunning and setting your carpets.  

Tips to deep clean your carpets 

There are 4 major types of carpeting that you will find in a house: wood, olefin, nylon, and Berber. As you determine the effective ways on how to clean your carpet flooring, you have to determine first which material you are working with. Whatever material you have will identify which products you have to utilize and which solutions you need to prevent at all costs. Carpet cleaning involves 2 methods: 

Utilizing carpet-cleaning machine 

Head out to any hardware store or grocery store near you and rent a professional-grade carpet cleaner. The equipment must have labels of user instruction form the manufacturers. Also, it should comprise the recommended cleaning products. Before using the machine to clean your carpet, you have to do the following things: 

  • Do a spot test on a tiny part of an area and allow it to completely dry before you lean all of your carpets. This way, you can guarantee that your carpets won’t be discolored or damaged.  
  • Inspect to make sure that the product and machine you choose are safe to apply on your carpet flooring. 
  • Guarantee that you have budgeted the time well to clean your carpet and allow it to completely dry. 

Contact an expert carpet cleaning service provider 

If you’re unsure about the type of material your carpet is made of, it would be best to consult with a carpet expert to verify. They can also help you with any other carpet services in Tempe AZ that you want to get. After all, carpet is not something that you can replace easily once it got ruined by the wrong cleaning agent. Know that prevention is always better than cure.